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Nearly every Hockey Association in North America spends a great deal of time selecting coaches.

However; most associations do not have formal programs or curriculums for their coaches to follow, nor do they have standardized player skill and knowledge development expectations. Hockey Coach to Coach provides your coaches plans, drills, tools, advice and collaboration opportunities that will help associations support their coaches and maximize coach and player development via standardized practice plans, age/skill appropriate drills and player development criteria.

Associations can use Hockey Coach to Coach "Association Memberships" to take the same approach to player and coach development as the school system takes to student and teacher development. Using Hockey Coach to Coach , associations can provide yearly curriculums, practice plans and ready-to-use developmental drills. Use of these tools enables coaches to know what their players were taught the previous year and enables hockey associations to ensure consistent, progressive player and coach development. 

  • Equip your coaches properly and have confident coaches
  • Know that all the players in your association are being developed 
  • Take the pressure off of busy volunteer coaches 
  • Your association can now see and chart out its future and direction in player development 
  • Parents will have confidence in what your association is accomplishing 
  • Having all the coaching material necessary to coach an entire year of hockey will encourage new volunteer coaches to sign up
  • Earn Cash for your Association 

The Hockey Association has a responsibility, and is accountable to all the players who join that association. They want to be able to help develop each and every player individually to ensure that they are challenged, being successful at their sport and most of all having fun. The curriculum from Hockey Coach to Coach will ensure that.

Each year Hockey Associations roll in new coaches, some of them have some past coaching experience, some have none. Some may have played the sport, but have not had any responsibility in conveying a method of teaching to players before. Some may have abilities to teach and others may not know where to start. Hockey Coach to Coach takes you from start to finish in all areas.

The essentials of coaching are included in the yearly plan, for example a coach may wish to add some of his own personal drills or ideas to the practice plans. That's a great idea, however. It is of the utmost importance that they follow the plan of the essentials to be learned each and every year by that age group or division. The reason for this is to streamline the associations system. So each year, the association will know what each age group has learned. The coach, who will be coaching that group will already know what they learned the year before this coach can now build on the development that they've learned and add to it in his year of coaching.


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Association Memberships

When your Association Registers, Hockey Coach to Coach will pay you when any of your coaches,  assistant coaches or players join! 

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Each coaches membership includes:

  • Unique member profile for each coach.
  • Over 100 Practice Techniques per age group
  • Over 100 Diagramed Plays per age group
  • Online Drill Planning Software
  • Access to Coaches forums
  • and much more

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