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Goaltender Practice Curriculum

The Hockey Coach To Coach Goaltender Program Practice Curriculum follows a continuous progression for goaltenders at all levels to journey through over the course of the hockey season. Coaches from Novice to Bantam can explore the many options that are available in this 26-lesson unit.

At Hockey Coach To Coach, you will discover the many benefits of the 10-minute lessons developed for each practice. These lessons will be directed  toward the goaltenders. As your goaltenders progress throughout the Hockey Coach To Coach program, you may wish to return to certain activies if your  goaltenders are struggling with certain areas. As the goaltender gains more experience, the drills and intensity levels will escalate while allowing the goaltender to maintain the level of knowledge and skill he/she has already grasped.


Each drill is explained fully so a non goaltender coach can easily instruct the goaltenders on what to practice and why. The coach will know what to watch for and what pointers to give.


Skating - The Skating lessons will key in on the goaltenders’ balance, explosive power, muscular endurance and strength.

The practices which have Skating as the only component will be aimed at teaching the goaltenders a variety of skating drills they can utilize to enhance their skills. More teaching from the coach and/or an assistant coach will take place on these days (e.g. #1, 3, etc…).

The practices, which have Skating lessons, joined with either Puck Stopping or Puck handling lessons will be aimed at getting the goaltender to quickly perform and strive to perfect the skating drills previously taught. The coach or an assistant coach will let the goaltenders know prior to the practice which skating drills he/she wants the goaltenders to perform for at least five minutes.


Puck Stopping - The Puck Stopping lessons will provide the goaltenders with proper knowledge and skill level to be able to handle the task at hand. On occasion, throughout the hockey season, coaches can revisit the lessons previously taught if they believe the goaltender is struggling with a particular skill or situation. Some Puck Stopping lessons will require more shooters than others. The coach or an assistant coach, again, will be required to teach the goaltenders a few key points while carrying out these lessons.


Puck Handling - The Puck Handling lessons will provide the goaltenders with proper knowledge and skill level required to maintain puck possession when the situation presents itself. Goaltenders will learn to move the puck effectively and efficiently into a safer area, whether it is covering the puck, placing the puck behind the net, moving the puck into the soft corner, or passing the puck onto a teammates stick. 


Game Understanding – The Game Understanding component is an added bonus to the HCTC Goaltender Program Curriculum. The nine lessons are provided for the coaches to utilize if they have some extra time to teach their goaltenders or if they believe their goaltenders will benefit from a higher learning skill set. The Game Understanding lessons will require some extra attention from the goaltenders both on and off the ice. The lessons have been designed for the coach or an assistant coach to explain, draw out, and even act out the specific game situation being taught. Goaltenders at various skill levels will gain a clearer and quicker understanding of some of the lessons provided.


The Hockey Coach To Coach Goaltender Program has been specifically designed to provide coaches and assistant coaches with the fundamental tools and understanding required to allow the goaltenders to improve his/her skills throughout the course of the hockey season. As the hockey season moves along, it becomes extremely evident that goaltenders are often forgotten during practices. When coaches are working on team systems, strategies and overall player skill development, the goaltenders can often be found doing very little to improve his/her game in the crease area.

The Hockey Coach To Coach Goaltender Program has designed a series of lessons that can be utilized by an assistant coach during the times in practice when the goaltenders are not needed by the head coach. The four key areas that will be focused on throughout the lessons are: Goaltender-Specific Skating Skills, Puck Stopping Skills, Puckhandling Skills, and Game Understanding Skills.


A total of 26-lessons have been designed in each level from Novice to Midget in order to cover the course of the hockey season. Each lesson should take up to ten minutes in length. Ten minutes is not a lot of time to give up in a practice when it is being used to improve the most important component of the team’s defensive core.

The Hockey Coach To Coach Goaltender Program’s curriculum has been laid out in a progressive manner (progressive 10- minute lessons during each practice will be directed toward the goaltenders) in order for the goaltenders to develop proper skills while improving; balance, flexibility, explosive power, hand-eye coordination, muscular endurance, and muscular strength.


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