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Whether you're just starting out as a coach or well advanced you'll find Hockey Coach to Coach invaluable! 


Members will find:

  • Preparing practices is a very important and vital part of coaching. Inside you'll find a complete yearly plan for the age group you're coaching. Each yearly plan includes 26 complete practices with over 100 drills. Each drill is fully explained, in addition it explains what the players need to understand about each drill, What the Coach needs to watch and what the assistant coaches should be doing.. 
  • Banks of drills which include age appropriate offensive and defensive systems. Step-by-step drills with progressions, that will tell you how when and why you need to use these systems.  It will also tell your player how why and when he should use the systems.
  • Discover what kind of coach you are. Learn what kind of player you are talking to, and how to deal with their differences! Learn how to be a good assistant coach.
  • Check out our Goaltending Program with drills and practice techniques you can use for your goaltenders. Goalies are often forgotten during hockey practices, but are vital to a team. You will find help in training new goaltenders as well as well advanced goaltenders
  • How to teach is a very important part of being a coach.  How do I explain a drill?  How do I know they're listening to me?  How do I know I'm getting through to them? 
  • You will get information on other topics:  What do my players need?  Setting up a practice.  Communicating.  Evaluating players.  Leadership.  Safety.  Dealing with parents. Just to name a few.


Coaches change lives! You never know how far
  your players may go if they get a great coach in the


Get connected to a resource program for hockey coaching that will benefit You, your Association and Most Importantly your Player's!



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When you decide to become a member of Hockey Coach to Coach you have all of these resources at the click of a mouse. 

Anything you need help with will be answered in live time at Hockey Coach to Coach. 

Become a member and join realwork online, real-time with our hockey drill program.  You can use our drill banks or

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When you join Hockey Coach to Coach world's fastest growing hockey coach program you get connected with great coaches all over North America and Internationally.

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