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The Players Handbook is an online resource for the players.

Inside you'll find a complete yearly plan for the specific age group you're playing. Each yearly plan includes 26 complete practices with over 100 drills. Each drill is fully explained with an animated video. In addition it explains what you will need to understand about each drill and what the Coach is watching for.


Coaches can spend more time helping players perfect the way the players perform the drills. They will  gain valuable practice time as the players will already understand the mechanics of the drill.

Players will have a great understanding and grasp of the concept of the drills prior to practice.

Players have time to formulate questions about a drill before they get to the ice.

• Parents will know what the drills are, why the players are doing them and can ensure their child understands the drill before the practice.

• The players will have access to the drill designer with a bank of all the drills they will be practicing that  year. 

• Coaches can send their own drill to the players which can be viewed online before practice. 

Are you a Goalie? The Players Handbook has a goalie drill in each practice which you can view before you get to the rink.

Get connected to the Players Handbook, an online resource that will benefit your Association your Team, your Coach and Most Importantly ... You!




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