Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Atom/Squirt Goaltender: Practice 8

Rebound Control Pad Save

Part One:

Endurance Pushes – Review For Perfection

3 Minutes

First of all, remind the goaltender that it is extremely important to be able to remain in the proper ready position when the puck is near the goal. Reemphasize to them that this means that sometimes they might be required to remain in their proper ready position for at least a minute or more. Remind the goaltenders that if they come out of their ready position too soon, the puck might be shot at the net and go in because they were not focused and ready to stop the puck. Make sure they remember how to perform this drill prior to going onto the ice so you do not have to waste time explaining it again. 

The coach or assistant coach will instruct the goaltender to get into the proper ready position and skate around the full face-off circle and then move to complete the next circle (forming a Figure-8 with the two face-off circles).

As in Lesson 7, the goaltenders will travel by pushing with their outside foot. They will remain in their ready position until they complete the drill. The goaltenders must aim to keep their stick on the ice, gloves out and maintain their balance while pushing hard with the outside foot. The inside skate should remain on the line of the circle. They should be starting to build more endurance, explosive power, and balance with perfect practice.

Part Two:

Rebound Control – Pad Save

7 Minutes

Drill Explanation: Explain to the goaltenders that it is important to be able to stop the puck, but it is also very important to steer the puck into a safe direction if the shot is too difficult to stop and to cover the puck up. Explain that Rebound Control is a strategy that aims to let the puck hit their equipment and bounce off into a safe area, not back out onto the shooter’s stick for a second, and often times, more dangerous shot. Demonstrate a few times as to what a bad rebound looks like and explain to the goaltenders why it can be dangerous to let out a bad rebound in a game situation.

Demonstrate what it looks like to steer the puck into the corner with the goal stick when the leg pad is flat against the ice. Illustrate that when the shot is taken along the ice toward the corner of the net the goaltender should place the knee, the one that is closest to the puck, along the ice with the pad flared out. The opposite pad will remain upward as that skate will assist in the power of pushing the puck into the corner or into a safe direction.

Please be advised that this is not a Butterfly Save. The Pad Save aims to have only one pad along the ice, which is the pad closest to the puck (as shown in the picture called, The Pad Save).

Drill Preparation: Place a few pucks in the slot area for a shooter.


Drill Execution: Instruct the goaltender to get into the proper ready position on top of the crease lined up with a shooter. After stopping the puck shot hard along the ice with a proper Pad Save, the goaltender will send the puck into the corner steering it with his/her stick or letting it bounce off the leg pad, which is flat against the ice. After the puck is sent to the corner (Rebound Control), the goaltender will recover by getting up with the opposite leg (the leg that did not stop the puck, AKA the Outside Foot) and follow the puck by going to that side of the crease and getting set like in a game situation for a quick second.

Technique Critique: As the goaltender is performing the drill, the coach or assistant coach should be attentive to the following points;

1. The goaltender should have his/her stick on the ice from the time the drill begins until it ends.
2. The goaltenders’ glove and blocker should be placed out and in front (see the pictures of the Proper Ready Position). The second picture shows how the goaltender has his glove and blocker out and in front acting aggressively.The third picture illustrates how the goaltender does not bring his glove and blocker out leaving more holes for the puck to see.

3. The goaltender must keep his/her eye on the puck at all times.








Pay attention to the proper Pad Save:

1. The goaltenders’ stick blade should be flat along the ice.
2. The goaltenders’ glove and blocker should be high and out in front.
3. The goaltenders’ upper body should be sitting high (not with the goaltender’s bottom sitting on his/her heels).
4. The goaltenders’ knee, (the one which is closest to the puck) should be along the ice with the pad flared out.
5. The opposite leg will assist in the recovery process, as the Outside Foot will allow for proper recovery back into the proper ready position.

Video in Players Handbook