Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Atom/Squirt: Practice 2 - Drill 2

2 on 1 (out of both ends) 

Description of Drill

10 Minute

The drill will start from both ends. Pucks should be placed at the face-off dot by the blue line at both ends. The coach will stand at the red dot to dump n he puck. The defenseman stands off just to the left of the coach. The two forwards are at the center red line ones standing approximately at the outside of the circle and the other one approximately at the center face-off dot. The coach starts the puck into the corner. The defenseman goes to the puck. The two forwards also skate in once the puck a shot into the corner and present themselves to the puck carrier low in the zone. The forwards once presenting himself and curling in the low area of the circle will call to the defenseman for a pass the defensemen will make a quick pass to the two forwards the two forwards now will carry on down the ice passing the puck to one another. The same drill is occurring at the far end so after the defenseman passes the puck to the forward he now skates hard up the ice to the on the opposite side to meet the two oncoming forwards coming down the ice. The same occurs from the other and once the defenseman has pass the puck to the forwards he now skates up the ice to the other side pivots and plays the two on one from the forwards that have received a pass from the opposite side of the ice.


in this drill the defenseman needs to make a quick hard accurate pass out of their zone so that he can then skate as hard as he can to the opposite side of the ice in the neutral zone pivot and skate backwards taking a two on zero from the opposite side players. The two forwards need to curl deep into the zone to present themselves appropriately to the defensemen so that a good hard accurate pass is possible. Not only is close presentation important to receive a momentum pass it needs to be a key point. Make sure you emphasize quick feet and good fast momentum as they turn to present themselves to the puck carrier so they can come out of the zone very quickly. It's also important that all players keep their heads up during this drill as players are moving very quickly through the ice. Players who are not doing this drill should stand at center ice getting ready to take their positions defenseman to the center dots outside the blue line. Forwards to forwards on each side of the red line ready to go. Other players should watch the drill to make sure that they understand what they do with it is their turn.


there will be one coach at each red dot just outside the blue line. However one coach will signal the beginning of each side starting throughout this drill.

Assistant Coaches

The assistant coaches will probably be dumping the pucks into the corners they should also be observing the players and making sure that number one the defenseman goes in at the puck on an angle. We want to encourage all players should never go at a puck straight on but to go in on some type of an arc skate or an angling skate. Also the assistant coaches should be observing the forwards and talking to the forwards were about to start the drill by making sure that they go in deep and curl in the zone. They must keep their momentum have their sticks down as good target and call for the puck.

This drill should be run from both sides of the ice. After each player has done this drill two or three times the coach can move to the opposite dots at the blue lines and repeat the drill.

Water break

Video in Players Handbook