Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Atom/Squirt: Practice 2 - Drill 1

7 Man Pass 

Description of Drill

15 Minutes

This is a quick puck moving drill and a drill where the skaters follow their pass timing is very important to this drill, depending on how quickly the players are moving they may need to pivot to receive passes from their teammates from time to time. Timing at the far end is also important with a one timer shot as it's very important to get the shot off. This should be a very quick moving drill that can be done from both sides once everyone has had two or three turns

Goalies One In - One can work with goalie coach


In this drill the players need to concentrate on making very good hard accurate passes. At the start of the drill it's very important that the player gain some momentum before rimming the puck as hard as he can around the boards to the far hash marks it's important for the player to understand that once he releases his pass he must accelerate in the same direction of the pass therefore the player who starts the drill does the rim. He must follow the direction his puck goes therefore he skates around the perimeter of the boards to the far hash marks. All the players in this drill must make good hard accurate passes and they must think on their way to their next station after they make a pass if another player or teammate is coming up behind them, if so they may need to pivot and skate backwards to receive the pass while skating backwards they need to have a good target on the ice and their heads must be up calling for the puck, which is also something that needs to be encouraged in this drill. At the far end of the ice when the players are doing their one timers, it's important that their stick is flat on the ice behind them and they follow through their body with their stick flat on the ice taking a hard one timer shot. At this age there are some kids that will be able to take an actual one timer without having their stick flat on the ice they can take a full slap shot as some players have the timing down, others need to have their stick flat on the ice behind them and follow through on the ice. The player in the corner that is passing the puck out needs to make sure that they put the puck exactly where the shooter needs to meet it for the one timer these are all accuracy passes and timing passes that the players need to work on.


After instructing the players at the drill board the coach starts the drill by the signal of his whistle he must ensure that the player who starting the drill begins a good momentum skate and then rims the puck as hard as he can around the boards as the first player gets to approximately the back of the net on the boards he can blow the whistle for the second player to go this drill needs to be kept at a good quick tempo, players must adjust to the tempo and you will see players having to pivot to get into position to receive passes.

Assistant Coaches

The assistant coaches should be all saying the same thing during the practice this keeps things constant for all the players. The assisting coaches should be saying things such as head up, make a good hard flat pass have your stick on the ice as a target, be ready,  call for the puck, keep your head on a swivel, hit the target, skate hard and skate hard following your pass. Any players that are having difficulty in any area the assistant coach can take that player a side to an open area of the ice and work with that player until he can successfully accomplish the task. It is important for all players to be successful in accomplishing the drills.

Water break

Video in Players Handbook