Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Atom/Squirt: Practice 2 - Drill 3

Double Pass 

Description of Drill

10 Minute

You will have four groups of players at the blue lines at the boards so at one end of the ice on one side you will have a group 1 and straight across the ice you'll have a group 2 down the ice on the next blue line on the same side as group 2 you will have a group 1 then straight across the blue line to the opposite side at the boards you will have a group 2.  Make sure pucks are at all four groups the 1s go at the same time then the 2s begin. Once the players have completed the drill they go into the opposite lines and repeat. The players that are in group 1 go clockwise the players that are in group 2 counter clockwise. In this drill when the whistle goes group 1 passes the puck straight across the ice to group number two. The player from group 1 then skates in an arc fashion toward group 2 calls for the puck from the first player in group 2 who passes the puck back to player 1. Player 1 now immediately passes the puck up the ice to the other group 1 and continues to accelerate to the blue line and toward the slot calling for the puck back from the other group 1. The player from the other group 1 now passes the puck back to his teammate who goes in on net and takes a shot. Once he is taken a shot he then goes to the group 2 line.

Goalies in --***the goalie coach can decide how he would like the players to shoot at the goalies in this drill***


the players in this drill always need to be ready to receive a pass. They need to have a target on the ice, their head up and be calling for the puck. Hard flat passes that are given by each player need to be accurate. The player who passes the puck needs to accelerate in an arc fashion to present himself back to the puck carrier with his stick down calling for the puck.


At the drill board it's important that the coach asks some questions to the players once he has completely explained the drill. From the players answers the coach will then know that they understand the drill. Make sure when a player answers that the coach repeats what that player has said as many times on the ice the other players can't hear what their teammates have said to the coach because their voices sometimes are too low for other players to hear.

Assistant Coaches

Make sure that the assistant coaches keep the four piles of pucks topped up during this drill. The assisting coaches will also have to watch some players as they skate the pattern of this drill to ensure that they go into the right line after they have finished the drill. It's also important that the assisting coaches watches when group number 2 starts that they go counterclockwise doing the same drill. Again the coaches should be making sure that the players have their heads up targets on the ice calling for the puck good acceleration and are skating in a good presentation arc when going to receive the pass back.

Water break

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