Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Bantam: Practice 2 - Drill 3


Conventional Penalty Kill

Description of Drill

10 Minute

in this drill you can utilize all your hockey players. This drill can be run at both ends of the ice. Most important is to have four players positioned in a conventional box formation. Each player from his position can telescope out approximately 5 to 6 feet but then must return to his original position in the box so that it is effective and works. Other players that are not being used in the box at this time can be used as perimeter passers as they would do in the power-play. In this way you can have the players in the box situation actually doing a live game simulation. Any spots that may be open in the power-play can be filled by an assistant coach. The key here is for the power-play to move the puck around the perimeter and to allow each and every player in the box to telescope out and will back to his position and moved to a new position as the puck moves around the perimeter. The power-play should move from side to side. For example after moving the puck on the left side of the boards two or three times one of the players either a defenseman or a player into corner can skate the puck to the opposite side of the ice having the entire power-play shift and now working the conventional box from the opposite side giving each player an opportunity to telescope and apply the proper procedures and techniques to accomplishing is successful penalty kill conventional box. After moving the power-play from side to side then you can switch the players in the box and continue the play until each and every player has had an opportunity to play the penalty kill conventional box. The conventional box wants to always keep the puck at the boards. We are always trying to pressure the puck to the perimeter so as no one can access the slot area to develop a play. The box always tries to force the puck to the boards or the perimeter. We would rather have a shot from the boards then we would from our slot area.

Goalies: yes


A good review of the conventional penalty kill is important for all players. Using the original information of playing the box and as a player having the understanding that your position has a stake driven into the ice with a heavy coiled spring attached to the back of your pants that only allows you to go approximately 8 feet in any direction and then like a spring pulls you back should emphasize the importance of staying in position and keeping the box formation thereby closing the slot area or high score zone of the ice and keeping it shut down to your opponents.

Video in Players Handbook