Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Bantam: Practice 2 - Drill 4

Diamond Penalty Kill 

Description of Drill

10 Minute

The players in this drill will set up as above a full power-play and a conventional box penalty kill. As the puck is moved around the perimeter and the conventional box penalty kill moves back and forth keeping the puck to the outside, once the puck gets to the winger at the hash marks on the boards he will then initiate the umbrella power-play. The only way to successfully defend the umbrella power-play is the diamond penalty kill. So from a box formation in the conventional penalty kill we now have a player in the power-play at the top of the blue line or thereabouts in the mid-lane. One of our penalty kill players must go toward him, this will break the box. Now we have two players in the power-play at the tops of each circle. The next two players position themselves across from each other approximately 3 to 4 feet from the players at the tops of the circle. Our last player now moves into the low to mid-slot area. If you could trace with a pencil are four players they are now in the shape of a diamond, one player at the top pointing toward the defenseman at the blue line and the bottom of our diamond player pointing at our goalie. As the players in the umbrella power-play now move the puck the best they can they will see that it is interfered and interrupted by the players positioned in the diamond penalty kill. Have the players do this drill from both sides again having the umbrella power-play initiated from both sides and have all players play the conventional box moving into the diamond penalty kill. Allow time to see each play successfully done in this penalty kill situation.

Goalies: yes


a good review of the diamond penalty kill is also important. Players need to understand when to execute both the conventional penalty kill and the diamond penalty kill and why? When the opposing team runs a conventional power-play then we as a team set up a conventional penalty kill or what is referred to as the box. There are two ways of playing the box one is what we have just performed, the conventional penalty kill, or there is also the aggressive box penalty kill which we will perform at a later date. When the opposing team executes them umbrella power play, we execute the diamond penalty kill. The diamond penalty kill shuts down and causes great problems for the umbrella power-play as pressure is put on the vital areas of that power-play system. The same is true for the box and the conventional power-play. Remember our goal is to shut down the scoring area of the ice for each power-play.

Video in Players Handbook