Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Bantam: Practice 2 - Drill 5

Static Break Out to Offensive Execution (Coach's Choice) 

Description of Drill

Remaining Time

When the coach starts this drill he will call out to the defenseman or have his defensive coach.  Tell the players before they go in start the drill what they will do.  For example, the first two defenseman that go in he may say, move it, the next one he may say reverse, then skate it, then turn up etc. at the same time that the defenseman are being informed a forward coach or a head coach will also be calling out what the forwards will be doing once they received a pass from the defenseman.  They will be calling out triangulation/button hook/cycling.  Once all five players break out all five players should go down the ice to the offensive end.  Try to have the forwards include the defenseman in some of the execution shots.  The defensemen do not have to be involved in every shot, but every so often a pass back to the point.  And hopefully a D-D pass would be great.

Goalies: yes


In running the static break out remember to remind all players that presentation to the puck is of the utmost importance. Quick accurate passing (puck movement) and flow are key to a very quick exit from our zone. Once we have broken out of our end the players may move quickly down to the far end to set up any type of offensive play they wish and immediately execute a shot and one rebound. At that point all players should move very quickly to the recovery Lane and stay close to the boards, and return to the middle to repeat the drill.

Video in Players Handbook