Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Bantam: Practice 2 - Drill 2

Zone Defense 5 on 5 Sticks Up

Description of Drill

15 Minute

[See Diagram]
***make sure all players get to play all positions. Also make sure that players that are not involved in the five on five initially are watching the drill from just outside the blue line with either the coach or an assistant coach who is talking to them asking questions and giving them information explanations and instruction***

Goalies yes


In this drill we have five skaters with their sticks down and five skaters with their sticks up. The offensive of players will continually try to score on net. The defensive players will play a zone defense as outlined in the drill. Each player should get in a proper position building a wall between the player with the puck and our goalie. The wingers are positioning themselves between the defenseman on the opposition and the puck carrier. The wingers are also to be in a position that they can immediately help in the slot area if necessary. Players are to look at the hips of their opponent's and have an active stick which should from time to time knock the puck off the opponents stick. It is important for the players to concentrate on taking the man and taking the lane to the net away from the man and not concentrating on the puck.


When the coach has the players at the drill board and is explaining the drill prior to its start, the coach should emphasize the importance of proper defensive positioning (maintaining a proper gap). The coach wants to make sure that the players don't get into an offensive position in the defensive zone. When this happens there is only a small possibility that the defensive player will take the puck away from the opposition. When a player tries to do this he then skates by his opposition of course in hopes of retrieving the puck and skating down ice hopefully on a breakaway, especially if they're trying to hit the puck from an opposing defenseman. The problem with this is if they miss they end up in the neutral zone with no puck and we are now forced to play shorthanded until that player can turn and come back into the defensive zone. This is referred to as fishing for the puck, if -- hockey and certainly I hope I can get it -- hockey. Instead we want to teach the players positional discipline and to play absolute -- hockey. We want the players to make sure that they have their man and aren't guessing and hoping for something to happen or for a puck to turn over.

Assistant Coaches

In this drill of five on five it is very important that the assistant coaches are inside the zone helping and repositioning players as well as explaining to that player why they should be in certain positions. It is of the utmost importance that each and every player knows why they are in a specific position. If the player knows why then he understands the importance of actually doing this during a game.

Water break

Video in Players Handbook