Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Novice/Mite : Practice 4- Drill 4

Coach Calls the Game 


Remaining Time

While the players are having a water break, your assistant coaches can pick up all of the pylons.  If you have two goaltenders then have one at each end of the ice.  If you don't have two goaltenders and just have one or none then ensure that you have shooter tutors in the nets.  If you do not have any shooter tutors, then you can just turn the nets around facing the boards.  This is fun as the kids have to score by shooting the puck off of the back boards to score.  They may not skate around the back of the net to shoot the puck straight into the net - they must shoot from in front of the net, bouncing the puck off the board into the net.  With these variations, whether you have one, or two or no goalies you can still play this game.

After the water break the players should come over to the drill board.  The coach will instruct the players on how the game will proceed: 

The coach will pick two captains, one captain will stand to the coach’s left and the other captain will stand to his right 

The coach proceeds to create two teams. Once the teams are picked each team will go to their respective box, make sure that there are assistant coaches and or parents in the boxes to make sure that the doors are always shut. 

This is key to safety.

Once the teams are picked the coach can explain how the game works as all the players are in their respective boxes.

The coach has a whistle and  there is one puck at center ice

When the coach blows his whistle, the assistant coach and/or parents will open up the gate, the coach will call out a number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Once the coach calls a number – that many players from each box go on the ice and play a game against each other 
So for example the coach will yell out, “one!”: 
One player from each team skates as hard as they can to center ice to get the puck and they begin to play one-on-one hockey.
At any time the coach can blow his whistle this will stop the play that is going on. Wherever the puck is the players must leave it
they may not pass the puck or shoot the puck anywhere else on the ice. As the two players head to their respective boxes the coach now blows his whistle and calls another number say three. The box opens again and three players from each side come out of their box and skate as hard as they can to wherever the puck was left on the ice and commence playing a three on three game.
The first two players that exited the ice and go to the back of the line in their boxes.
This continues as the coach blows his whistle and yells out 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (whatever the coach wishes). 
Whenever a goal is scored the goalie takes the puck out of the net and gives it to the team that was scored on.
The coach can keep score if he wishes
At the end of the game, the losers can come out to center ice and if time permits, the coach can have all of the players on that team lay on the red line and roll all the way to the far end of the ice. The kids love this and think it’s a lot of fun.


This brings us to another practice end. 

Make sure all the players give each other a high five and proceed safely to the dressing room. 

Make sure all players have their own sticks and water bottles.

Make sure the benches are nice and clean and the ice is free from any pucks or pylons. 

The coach should follow the players into their dressing room, telling them the safety rules:
No throwing snow 
No throwing tape balls
No water fights 
Please keep the dressing room as clean as it was when you arrived
Make sure you take your skates off and no one is walking around in bare feet while people still are walking with their skates

Remind the players to clean the dressing room clean before they leave. 

Tell them all that they did a great job, and you'll see them at the next practice.


Video in Players Handbook