Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Novice/Mite : Practice 4- Drill 3

Pylon Pivots and 360's 


15 Minutes

After the players have their water break the coach should call them over to one area to explain the next drill on the drill board. 

The players line up in the same order as they did in the last drill.
While the players are having their water break the coaches can move pylons for the next drill [See diagram]. 
To prepare for this drill leave the staggered pylons where they are, however move them to the left approximately 2 to 3 feet.

This will allow the same formation down the ice, however, it will cut back on the cuts in the ice. 
The other pylons should be in a straight row, have your assistant coaches remove every second pylon. This will leave the row of pylons that are straight approximately 6 feet apart.

After the pylons have been moved and all of the players have been instructed about the new drills, the players should moved to the end boards behind the end zone red line ready for the drill

This time, as they skate toward the first pylon they will bend their legs slightly, have their skates parallel as they approached the first pylon they will then shift their backside to the right, thus causing a 2 foot pivot around the first pylon. As a player does this they will now be skating backwards. The player skates backwards for approximately 3 to four seconds and then pivots forward, skating toward the next pylon, at the next pylon, the player will again have their legs slightly bent, skates parallel to each other and their backside will now move to the left creating a 2 foot glide pivot around the second pylon. After going around the second pylon, they will be skating backwards and should do so for approximately 3 to 4 seconds then pivoting moving forward to the third pylon.

Repeat these pivots all the way down the ice. Once the player gets to the end of the pylons there will be a coach in the corner, again with pucks, the coach will pass the puck to this player who will go in on net and shoot.
Once a player has shot the puck at the net they will then go and line up for the next pylon drill.

In this pylon drill, the pylons are in a straight row approximately 6 feet apart. The player will find pucks in the corner they’ll pick up a puck and skate to the first pylon and make a 360 degree turn around the pylon with turn to his left. The player will then continue to the second pylon doing a 360 turn to his right. The player then proceeds to the next pylon doing a 360 turn around the pylon to the left. Continue to the next pylon repeating the turn to the right and so on to the end of the pylons.

Once the player has can completed their last 360 around the last pylon in the drill they will skate toward the goalie with the puck.

The player shoots the puck at the goalie and then gets back into the first line, ready to repeat the drill 

It is very important to have your assistant coaches around the pylons with pucks to make sure that if any player loses his puck that the coach will get a puck to that player.  Remember to tell all the players if they lose their puck to leave it and to continue doing the drill. When a player does lose a puck they should yell “puck puck” until the coach passes one to them. Get your players in the habit of communicating. 

When the player starts with the puck at the 2 foot pivot drill, the assistant coach is not needed at the end of the ice passing pucks. That coach can now move into the middle of the ice and help each player with their skating and can get pucks back to players who lose them.

Water break.


Video in Players Handbook