Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Novice/Mite : Practice 4- Drill 2

Pylon Skills with Pucks 


15 Minutes

Repeat above the drill with pucks.

While the players are taking their water break have your assistant coaches move the pucks to the starting positions of the drills where the players begin.

The players line up again and only this time they start with the puck.  
Please make sure that you have your assistant coaches positioned around the arena with pucks 
Your assistant coaches should watch the players in case anyone loses the puck, if they do, they should get another puck to that player as soon as possible.

Instruct your players that if they lose their puck not to stop and get it, continue the drill and an assistant coach will get you a puck as soon as possible.

Coach starts the drill with a whistle, the first player skates toward the first pylon with the puck and does a 2 foot glide turn around the pylon toward pylon number two with his puck.  This continues until the end of the pylons were the player will now go in on net and take a shot. The player then continues to the second pylon drill where there are pucks waiting for him. The player picks up a puck and skates through the slalom pylons with his puck 
Remember, if the player loses his puck he leaves it and continues the drill - an assistant coach will get him another puck..

Once the player reaches the end of the pylons he skates toward the goalie and shoots on net. 
The player then goes back into his original first-line to repeat the drill.

It is very important while doing this series of pylon drills that the coaches are all using the same verbiage in instructing the players.  During these drills, it's important to tell all the players to keep their head up as much as possible. Your assistant coaches could be calling out,  “keep your head up, keep your head up!”, “Good job!”, “Way to go!”. 

You will also need assistant coaches to move pylons back into their places as some of the players will obviously bump into them. 

Remember to reinforce to that player who knocks over a pylon that he should be avoiding pylons.  In this drill, as the coach, you will be able to observe all of your players and assess their turning techniques.  Watch the glide turns to the left and to the right.  Observe which of your players needs to get their head up more.  Observe who can handle the puck and who can't.  Also remember to tell your player is that this is not a race.  Each player needs to be successful in doing the drill properly.  Don't cheat - do it right.

Quick water break


Video in Players Handbook