Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Peewee: Practice 5 - Drill 3

1 on 1 

Description of Drill

5 Minute

the defensive should be split in half positioned at the blue line at the boards kitty corner to each other. Forwards also should be split in half positioned at the opposite blue line facing the defenseman also kitty corner. So on one side of the ice you will have the defenseman at the blue line facing the forwards directly ahead of them at the far blue. The forwards on each side obviously will be going the opposite direction. The pucks will be at both defensemen’s position. The drill starts as a defenseman passes the puck to the first forward who receives the pass and skates to the red line at center ice curls back toward his blue line and then curls back going in on the defenseman one on one. The defenseman after passing the puck skates ahead timing his skate going just slightly over the center red line, depending on the speed of course of the forward, and then goes into transition and pivots skating backwards playing the oncoming forward one-on-one. Once the next whistle goes the play is over and the forward goes into the opposite forward line while the defenseman goes back to his original start position.

Goalies -- yes



starting with the defenseman, it is important for the defensemen to have the proper position and the proper gap while playing a one-on-one. Defensemen must also pivot the correct way to keep them in the middle and be in good position to force outside.  After the defenseman passes the puck to the forward he then accelerates forward toward the center red line watching the oncoming forward. The defenseman must gauge the speed of the forward coming toward him to position himself properly on the ice. The defenseman wants to be in a position far enough away from the boards to force the oncoming forward to go board side. The defenseman does not want the forward to cut into the mid-Lane which would be much more difficult to defend. As the defenseman positions himself far enough away from the boards to give the forward a lane by the boards he then continues to skate backwards head up looking at the hips of his opponent having an active stick and making sure that he has a proper gap or distance away from the player. This gap should be approximately 4 to 6 feet from the player. Once the defenseman sees that he has crossed the blue line he must now take into consideration when he is going to take the oncoming player out of the play. This of course all is determine on the speed of the player as the defenseman does not want to continue skating backwards right into his goaltender. The defenseman also does not want to get too close to screen his goaltender. Therefore the defensemen must act at approximately the top of the face-off circle or thereabouts to know aggressively go toward the oncoming forward and take them out of the play. This is done by moving your stick toward your opponent's stick thereby stopping any shots and or knocking the puck off of your opponent stick. The key to this is to remember don't look at the puck! This can be done by still looking at your opponents hips and watching where he is going. At that point you then close the gap looking only at the player’s hips and taking the player out of the play. Your opponent will normally have a puck on his stick on his strong side. Therefore you just move your stick in that direction to stop a shot or nock the puck off his stick or to tie him up.

The offensive player receiving the pass from the defenseman starts toward the red line, then curls back toward his blue line, and then aggressively accelerates down on the defenseman one-on-one. If the defenseman is playing this properly the only area the forward has to work with is the lane by the boards. The forward must now accelerate and try to beat the defenseman with speed if possible. With the proper gap the forward will not be able to cut into the mid-lane. So the forward must do everything he can to beat the defenseman wide in this drill.


While the coach is drawing this out and explaining to the players at the drill board it's important that he emphasizes to the forwards that they are not to do anything but skate straight and try to beat the defenseman wide. This is important in accomplishing a one-on-one situation with the defenseman. Of course the coach needs to explain that in a game there are several other things that can be done such as a delay -- button hook etc. however in this drill we will try to beat the defenseman one-on-one. Tell the forwards and the defenseman that if the defenseman has two big of the gap the forward will cut into the center Lane. It is important for the forwards to know that they must skate hard as they would in a game situation.

Assistant Coaches

It would be of great help for the assistant coaches to demonstrate a proper one-on-one. It would also be good during the demonstration that the coaches also have a gap that's too close which will show the players that the forward now can accelerate around the defenseman. It would also be of benefit to show the defenseman giving to widen the gap and therefore having the forward accelerate into the slot or middle zone. Throughout the drill assisting coaches can skate behind various players whether defenseman or forwards to instruct and help them in accomplishing and being successful at this drill.

Water break

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