Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Peewee: Practice 5 - Drill 4

2 on 1 

Description of Drill

5 Minute

this drill is set up the same as the one on ones. The only difference with this drill is that the defenseman receives the pass from the irst forward then passes it back to the other forward  who both proceed down the ice on the defenseman.

Goalies -- yes


in this drill the defenseman again must position himself correctly and have the proper speed while defending against the two oncoming forwards. After the defenseman makes the pass to the first forward again he should accelerate toward the center red line and pivot going into transition skating backwards positioning himself appropriately between the two players. The defenseman wants to make sure once again that he gives enough distance between himself and the boards to force the puck carrier to use the lane by the boards. The defensemen will continue skating backwards between the two players every so often moving his left shoulder toward the player with the puck by the boards to make it look like he's moving toward him. With this type of fake it will keep the oncoming forward with the puck moving more toward the boards as he thinks that the defenseman might possibly becoming to take him out of the play. Remember this is only a fake by moving your shoulder toward that player. As they cross the blue line and the defenseman continues to skate in the proper position between the two players the defenseman must realize that the player that is skating in this down the slot area in the mid-lane is his player. He must take that player as he is the most dangerous on the ice. The other player in the corner is the goalies man. If the defenseman leaves the player in the slot area and moves towards the puck carrier then the puck carrier should pass the puck out into the slot area which is a danger zone and that forward now has a very good chance to score. If we take away that chance to score in the slot area the player coming from the boards side does not have a very good opportunity or a very good angle to score therefore he becomes the goalies. There other techniques that defensemen use from time to time which while they skate backwards they fall prostrate on the ground sliding backwards just at the last moment so as to stop a pass from the boards side player. Also another move defenseman make is to bend input one need on the ice which in this case would be the defenseman's left knee which is closest to the player at the boards and then hold his stick down on the ice in front of him thus again trying to stop any pass from the player in the corner. Although both of these moves are done from time to time in hockey games we want to get across the rule of choosing a job. It is not a good idea for one player to choose to jobs, most of the time it ends up in either a lucky save or an opposition score. We want to try to remove the opportunity for the opposition to score. Therefore we want to show the defenseman and have him understand that he needs to pick a job which is to tie up the player in the slot. That's his job. The shooter is the goalie's job. Also we need to understand that in a game situation we have are other players back checking and coming back hard to help out. So for the defensemen in a two on one he is to skate back in the proper position keeping the puck carrier to the boards and at the right time just after going through the top of the face-off circle he needs to make a decision as to when to move and tie up the man in the slot area. The defenseman needs to make sure to the best of his ability that he is moves the puck carrier as far to the boards and his deep into the zone as he can before making his move to take his man in front of the net.

For the forwards executing the two on one they are to move a game speed as fast as they can accelerating into the offensive zone. If the defenders gap is not appropriate and he is to close to the puck carrier of course the puck carrier can accelerate and Deke by the defenseman. Also if the gap is a very large gap certainly that player may moving his teammate even farther to the far post which gives them even a greater chance to score.


Most of the explanation is above in the player’s area however it is important to note that the forwards skate hard down the ice without doing any type of fancy plays. For example we don't want to see them taking back ice or delaying or button hooking etc. this drill is to strictly help the defense to get into proper positions as well as oncoming forwards to accelerate and try to beat the defenseman clean.

Assistant Coaches

Once again the assistant coaches should demonstrate this drill again not a game speed as the head coach can explain to the players while the demonstration is going on. Again show them proper position of the defensemen getting too close to the boards or having to small a gap or having to big a gap. More importantly have them demonstrate showing the defenseman in the proper position and faking with his shoulder moving that player closer to the boards.

Water break

Video in Players Handbook