Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Peewee: Practice 5 - Drill 5

2 on 2 

Description of Drill

10 Minute

in this drill you will want to position four defenseman two on each blue line standing in line with the face-off dot's. The rest of your defensemen should be ready to take their positions after the first two play the two on two. If you only have five defensemen or less then make sure that the initial one or two get back quick to repeat the drill. Split your forwards in half and have them position themselves on both sides of the ice at the red line by the boards with pucks. Forwards will start by skating toward one set of defense passing the puck to the first defenseman that defensemen will pass D. to D. while the two forwards curl toward the defenseman to receive a good pass. Once they received that pass they then pass to the opposite set of defenseman who also pass D. to D. while the forwards present themselves and curl toward that group the defenseman receiving a pass back and then attack the original defenseman they pass to two on two. Once the two on two has started the other set of forwards immediately pass to the opposite side defenseman and the play repeats itself at the other end.

Goalies -- yes



In this drill the defenseman must be ready to go always ready to take a pass as well as give good accurate D. to D. passes. The defenseman then must make a good pass back to the forwards as they're curling toward them. Once the forwards have passed to the second set up D. and now receive a pass they now come back in on the original two defensemen two on two. It is also important for the first set of defenseman who have passed the puck to the forwards that they start skating forward gaining momentum then pivoting going into transition backward skating to properly play the two on two. Positioning of the defenseman is very important. The defenseman must first see who has the puck and then try to position themselves to move that puck carrier to the boards. Each defenseman must pick a player that is their job. After picking the player they must remember once again their gap and their timing of their skate. Once the players cross the blue line the defenseman must be proactive in their thinking to tie him when they are going to move toward their player to tie him up and in the case of the puck carrier to take him out of the play and to move your stick where he is carrying the puck. Once again don't look down at the puck! Take the man watch his hips. The defenseman again must be aware of where they are on the ice and when to take the player as they do not wish to skate backwards into their goalie and interfere with him. Nor do they want to screen the goalie. In both cases the defenseman need to tie up their player and take away his stick so that he cannot shoot or score. But again, this it is very important for the defenders to keep their eye on the player, keep their eye on the players hips, don't look down at the puck.


As a coach is explaining this drill and the drill board he can go over all of the information that was just mentioned above with the players. He should also have the assistant coaches demonstrate the two on two drill and make sure that it is not at game speed so that the coach can properly explain and instruct the players while a demonstration is going on. The assisting coaches can do the drill properly and then can do the drill by having too tight a gap and too big a gap demonstrating improper positioning.

Assistant Coaches

The assistant coaches should be aware of the drill and how it works so that they can properly demonstrate the drill it when the drill is demonstrated it should not be at game speed so that the coach can properly instruct the players. Once the drill begins it's important for the coaches to be around the ice to help the players to start the drill at the right time and tell them where to pass the puck instruction can go on with the defenseman as well as the forwards throughout this drill helping each and every player to be successful.

Water break

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