Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Peewee: Practice 5 - Drill 6

3 on 2 

Description of Drill

10 Minutes

In this drill all the forwards should be on the boards on one side of the ice at the center red line with pucks. Two defensemen should stand on the red dots at the blue line. Two other defensemen should be at the opposing and standing on the two red face-off dots at the blue. This drill starts by the first player in line with the forwards dumping the puck into what we will call the defensive zone. The two defensemen then move as they would to execute a breakout play. The three forwards will curl into the defensive zone to receive a pass from the defenseman and then break out of the zone moving down the ice into the three on two situation. The other two defensemen at the opposite end of the ice once the puck has been dumped into the breakout should skate forward fast as they can over the red line at center ice, then time their pivots to start skating backwards to take on the three on two play. The original two defensemen involved in the break out move down ice to take on the next three on two and so on.

Goalies -- yes -- in this drill the goalie coach can move the goalies from end to end so that each goalie participates not only in the breakout but also in the end doing the three on two.


Now defensemen are faced with a three on two situation. Again each defenseman must pick a player and has his job. They can only do one job not 2. As the defensemen go into transition and the three on two starts moving down the ice the defensemen need to be positioned properly approximately skating backwards between the face-off dot's at the blue line and the outside of the center ice circle would be a good position for them to be skating backwards at the start of this three on two. In this way they are giving an outside lane to the puck carrier to try to move the puck carrier to the boards. Once the puck carriers move toward the boards the other defenseman is now watching the player coming into the slot area to tie him up of course being very aggressive. In this play the defensemen hopefully will knock the puck off the stick of the oncoming three on two payers and dump it out of the zone which will cancel or stop the drill. The three forwards players are to move the puck quickly and to skate hard down the ice as though it was a game situation.


The coach when explaining this drill at the drill board should emphasize to the players that the drill must be at game speed. The defenseman position themselves as they skate backwards down the ice and the forwards are coming toward them trying to put together a good scoring opportunity the defenseman needs to choose the time when to attack the puck carrier and tie him up. His defensive partner must make sure that he picks the most dangerous man in front of the net and ties him up. All coaches should be involved in repositioning and helping players to get them in the proper positions to do the best that they can number one to score a number two to stop the opposition from scoring.

Assistant Coaches

The assistant coaches should be very active during this drill in skating up behind the players or being behind the defenseman skating backwards telling them where to go getting their positions correct and encouraging them. Especially with the defenseman timing needs to be learned sometimes so as their skating backwards you can tell one defenseman who needs to attack a player when to do it and to make sure that they're always looking at the hips and not the puck. The forwards can be encouraged to move quickly into try to move the puck to get a shot away. The defenseman in front of the net should be encouraged to pick the right player and tie him up and if either defenseman gains possession of the puck to dump it out of the zone.


Video in Players Handbook