Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Peewee: Practice 5 - Drill 1

Back Checking

Description of Drill

10 Minute

In this drill, the players will line up at the four board side areas of both blue lines. There will be two forward lines and two defensive lines which will line up kitty corner from each other. Both sides will go at the same time. Pucks are divided up in the center-ice circle for players to pick up during the drill. Explaining from one side how this works, when the whistle blows to initiate the beginning of the drill, a forward player skates straight ahead and around the circle picking up a puck on his way around the circle.

As he rounds the circle, the defenseman at the blue line will time himself to skate forward and then to pivot backward to play a one-on-one skate with his teammate. The coach will then blow the whistle again which will allow the first player with the puck to shoot the puck at the goaltender, however, when the second whistle goes, more forwards leave to start the drill again.

As this is a backchecking drill, the two players who started the drill are still in play. After the shot is taken, the defenseman rushes up and joins the play to become a partner with the forward who just started the drill again. The drill moves in the same direction and the new defenseman comes out to play a two on one. However the forward who has taken a shot now becomes the back checker and must skate hard to catch up to the two on one, therefore playing a two on two backcheck drill. The coach blows whistle again the puck is shot again and the first two players now go into the offensive end forward lines while the drill continues with a two on one with a back checker coming hard.

Goaltender: Yes



Players must listen carefully when the drill is explained. Both forwards leave at the same time skating as hard as they can to pick up a puck going around the circle. They then move into a one-on-one with their defensive teammate. The defensive teammate must time his skate so that he can skate hard up toward the center red line and then pivot and have enough momentum to play a good one-on-one. When the player with the puck hears a coach blows the whistle for the second time, he then knows he can shoot. At that point, the defenseman leaves that grouping to catch up to the new forward to play a two on one. After the shot is taken, that player that is left must skate as hard as he can as this is a forced backchecking drill. He must not give up. He must not quit. He must try to catch the grouping going toward the net.


As the coach explains this drill on the drill board, he should express to all players that this is a game speed drill. All players must be moving as fast as they can and working as hard as they can. After the coach has explained the drill and shown the patterns on the drill board, he should have his assistant coaches demonstrate the drill from one side so that the players can see how the drill works successfully. While the drill is being demonstrated, the coach can then go over all of the information that he has on the drill board. This time all the players are watching the assistant coaches do the drill live. This will reinforce and help all players understand the pattern and how the drill is supposed to work.

Assistant Coaches

The assistant coaches should make sure that the players are working as hard as they can during the drill. From time to time, they can pull a player aside, encourage him, or help them to understand the drill better. If there are some players that just don't get the drill, make sure that you skate with them explaining where and what they should do as they successfully learn how to do the drill.

Video in Players Handbook